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Capt. Rod Fishing Report

Long Island, New York

2021 Season

We will be Starting Our Season on Tuesday May 4 For Fluke.
Full day 8:00am to 3:00pm Daily.

May 4 2021 Tuesday Opening day. 
10 keepers Fluke and 25 shorts . Pool fish 5.40 Ibs sailing daily 8:00am to 3:00 pm Fullday.
May 12  Wednesday Very a lot of wind caught few keeper Fluke, 2 Bluefish And a 8.29 Ib Fluke for Ray Coon for Leading the Contest.

June 1 2021 Tuesday Fishing pick up today few keepers and a good bunch of shorts . Best thing we didn’t have a grass problem all day. That gave us more places to fish. 

June 2 Wednesday  Flukeing was good today 100 Fluke to 4.5 Ibs and 
Some Bluefish mixed in.  Our seaweed problem is gone. 

June 8 Wednesday Flukeing was good today with a dozen keepers to 5Ibs and 110 shorts. Everyday is getting better. We are fishing in the bay.

June 14 Monday. We will not be sailing the next few days  June 15,16,17

Fishing Contest Leaderboard
2021 Season

Stay Tune as we begin another exciting Season
  2021 Leading Fluke

May 4,2021
Carol Desderio  5.40 Ibs.

May 12,2021
Ray Coon 8.20Ibs.

Fishing Report- Past Seasons

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2020 Season
May 28: First day of fishing for the year.
June 7: Fishing was fair - few nice fluke keepers mixed in with the shorts and 3 nice weakfish. We will not be sailing on Tuesday, June 9th: we have our annual inspection.
June 10: Decent catches - fluke up to 4 lbs mixed in with a few weakfish and bluefish.June 12 Friday Fair pick of fluke and 9 nice weakfish and throw backs . Going to be a nice weekend come on down.
June 13: Saturday Fluke up to 4 Ilbs and 8 weakfish to 6Ilbs with some throw backs.
June 14: Monday We will be adding our 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Fluke trip this Father’s Day weekend on Saturday & Sunday. Take out your father for Father’s Day!
8 am to 3pm or 4pm to 7pm Fluke.
June 24: Fluking was very good in the Bay. 25 keepers up to 5.5Ibs mixed in with some Blues & weakfish to 5Ilbs. Regular Freddie had his Fluke limit.
June 25: Good flukeing with a lot of action all day . Pool fish around 4 to 5Ilbs. Sean Bock won the pool with a 6Ib Fluke and is leading our Fluke contest.
June 26: Action was very good all day with many keepers and some bluefish mixed in . We are also Sailing our afternoon Fluke trips 4:pm to 7:pm pm on Friday, Saturday and Sundays .
July 1: Good pick of fluke all day . Fluke up to 5Ibs
July 2: Fishing good nice pick of keepers pool fish 6.10 Ibs and some Blues
July 3: Friday Good Flukeing all day 28 keepers to 5.50 Ibs
July 5: Sunday Good flukeing
Action very good nice fluke to 6Ibs mixed in with weakfish and blues .
July 6: Monday Fishing been keeping steady with some nice fish.
July 8: Wednesday very good keep 30 keepers to 5.50 Ibs
July 9: Thursday another good day pool fish 5.90 Ibs and few people had their limits.
July 21: Tuesday Flukeing over the weekend was good pool fish was 5Ibs each day. Today was good action and some nice fish. Pool fish was 7.60 Ibs today and is the Leader of our Fluke contest.
July 23: Friday Fishing very good plenty of action 28 keepers up to 5.50 Ibs with plenty of shorts fishing in the bay.
Sept. 23: Fluke fishing very good 50 keepers today.Pool fish was Dunkin 7.70 Ilbs new leader for the Free Fishing for one year. Come on out only six days left to go Fluke fishing. September 30 is the last day of Flukeing

2019 Season
May 4: Fluke- Few keepers to 4.00 lbs and plenty of action with shorts and sea robins . Good showing for the Opening Day !
May 5: Didn’t sail due to weather.Sailing daily for Fluke Full day 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
May 15: Good action with plenty of shorts and a few nice keepers.
June 11: We will be adding our 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Fluke trip this Fathers Day weekend on Saturday & Sunday’s. Take your father out for Fathers Day! 8:00 am to 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm for Fluke! Been a lot of action with the shorts, Blues and some nice keepers.
July 3: Lots of action this week shorts, birds and some nice keepers . couple of days pool fish was in the 5 to 7.20. Class
And leading the Fluke Contest
July 4: Lots of action today some nice keepers to 6.50 lbs
July 5: Action very good pool fish 7.00 lbs nice weather ahead of us so come on down.
July 7: Action is heating up some nice Fluke showing up today’s Pool Winner was and new leader for our contest was 9.04 lbs caught by Helene Pirozzi.

Fishing Contest Leaderboard- Past Seasons

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2020 "Fluke" Winner
Duncan 7.70Ibs

2020 "Fluke" Leader Update
June 21 Sean Bock 5.78 Ibs
July 2 M.Schneider 6.10 Ibs
July 21 Robert O’Conner 7.60 Ibss

2019 "Fluke" Winner
Helene Pirozzi 9.04 Ibs

2019 "Fluke" Leader Update
May 10 Lori 4.10 lbs
May 19 Evelyn Bricka 4.70 lbs
May 27 Victor Laguarino 6.86 lbs
June 30 Christine Gensch 7.20 Ibs
July 7 Helene Pirozzi 9.04 Ibs

2019 "Flounder" Winner
Christopher Parks 1.70 Ibs

2018 "Fluke Leader Update
May 11 6.01 lbs Sam Margo
June 9. 6.26 lbs Ansel
June 15 6.76 lbs Mike Haupt
June 30 7.52 lbs George Kiriakos
July 20 8.00 Ibs Robert Watters

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